Soft Skills and Leadership Seminars

Today’s complex new work worlds require leaders with not only excellent professional profiles but also integral personalities with profound self-knowledge and adaptive leadership skills.

I offer intensive practice oriented and co-created peer-teaching classes that allow students to experience self-organization, grow in their soft-skill self-development and explore their personal leadership potential.

Core of the program is a co-created, self-organized, peer-teaching excursion and workshop weekend.

Participants will explore topics of interest, account for the content to be shared in the group, prepare small experience-centered workshops for the peers in teams, share the material in the lead role and cover organizational aspects. Instead of learning about, they will thus experience self-organization and leadership.

The course offers a deep and creative multi-level learning experience that will be facilitated by Dr. Julia Bayer, social anthropologist, systemic business coach and trainer for diversity, conflict and communication.

Topics to be explored could cover awareness for strengths and weaknesses, communication skills, teamwork, stress management, leadership styles and self-reflection. The precise content will be co-created by all participants and follow the fields of interest of the group.

Contact me for more information and a program especially designed for your students and staff: